A few weeks ago I started to learn Rust programming language and taking some notes of things that I find interesting, especially for me who came from JavaScript world.

Here I’m gonna write those notes down, mostly for future myself ;) but it might be also useful for someone else who wants to learn Rust.

As I’m still learning, I will keep updating this post.

Day 1

  • “Cargo” is Rust package manager ( like yarn/npm for node apps )
  • Cargo config file - a…

Alright, if you read this, you probably facing to an error like this:

zsh: /usr/local/bin/aws: bad interpreter: /usr/local/opt/python@2/bin/python2.7: no such file or directory

You might see this error with a different python version, depends on what version/s installed in your machine. You might get this error when you running some awscli commands in your terminal, maybe you trying to connect to your EC2 instance using SSH or whatever.

So the error occurring ( most probably ) because you installed awscli a very very long time ago and then upgrade your python to a new version afterwards. …

Alright, few days ago we managed to upgrade our React Native app from v0.59.8 to the latest version, v0.61.2 and just like any other upgrade with breaking changes, it was tough!

I’m going to briefly share with you the way we did it, but before we get there, some of you might ask, it’s worth it?

Well, if you take a quick look at RN release blog posts start from v0.60 to the latest one, you can see there are lot’s of improvements coming with this major upgrade, for example, thanks to Hermes, new JavaScript engine used in this version…

So you have an idea for a great app or a cool website and you want make it with top coolest tech stack, you want use Typescript in your React app or use SASS instead of normal css, and GraphQL or RUST , etc… but you hate the initial configurations which sometimes can take a long time specially if it’s your first time.

Alright, what if I tell you there is a better, faster and more simpler way? Yes! it called Parcel 📦 and it’s awe…wait for it…some!

Why is awesome?

As I mentioned, Parcel is a web application bundler and It offers…

Emad Dehnavi

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